Optics O:O   November 2-4, 2016

Roulette Intermedia, 509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY  11217

 Featuring live performances, new premieres, and historical works by: Alex Bag, Tom Rubnitz featuring Ann Magnusson, Brenna Murphy, Richard Serra, Rose Kallal, Kenny Curwood, Ben Vida, Jeff DeGolier, Jeremy Couillard, Sabrina Ratté, Roger Tellier Craig, Sara Ludy, Peter Burr, Xeno & Oaklander, Scott Kiernan, Michael Robinson, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Elena Romenkova, Takeshi Murata, Damon Zucconi, Sydney Shen, Laurel Schwulst, Erica Magrey, Georgia , Data Garden, Camilla Padgitt-Coles, LoVid Hinkis-Lapidus, Mv Carbon, and Lauryn S. Siegel.


Richard Serra with Carlotta Fay Schoolman, "Television Delivers People" 1973, TRT 6:55 min

MV Carbon,  “Advocatus Diaboli” 2016, stereo sound and video animation installation

Commissioned video:

Lauryn Siegel, Optics O:O Preview Trailer, poster, and and logo

Brenna Murphy, Optics O:O Event night preview videos




November 2: Parallax View

This program looks at artists exploring ways of seeing and new worlds through video based technologies. An investigation of imagined and real spaces, VR, rendering architecture, and objects both real and fantastical.

Part 1: Screening

Sara Ludy, “Canyon” 2016, TRT 2min, 3 channel video, color, silent

Brenna Murphy, “Lattice Creaser” 2016,  TRT 1:00 min, color, sound

Elena Romenkova, "Terning" 2016, TRT 1:24 min, color, sound

Sabrianna Ratte with Roger Tellier Craig “Escales” 2016, TRT 6:38 min

Peter Burr, “The Mess”  2016, TRT 10:18 min, color, sound


Part 2: Live Performances

Jeremy Couillard, Alien Afterlife

The VR intro was commissioned by the New Museum and Rhizome. Sound and music in the intro by Bojan Cizmic/X-Coast. Narration by Kate Walsh. Additional 3D modeling by Kevin Tran. Live score at Roulette by Corey Riddell

Alien Afterlife is a first person video game in beta where you die and go into the afterlife only to find out it has been invaded by aliens. There is only a simulation that you are stuck in forever. Is our own consciousness something we can trust? Did aliens invade our minds a long time ago and we never realized? Why are we building a world none of us actually want? Why are we using our technology so awkwardly? VR headsets available. App must be downloaded prior to performance.

Georgia (Justin Tripp and Brian Close) Visual scraps that were unused in Georgia’s “work" are sewn together into a subconscious stream of movements and accompanied by a live improvisational sound performance by the “group.”  It is recommended that audience members make use of the 6k projection glasses to be found underneath the first seat of each row.

November 3: TV EYE

This program focuses on artists using the medium of broadcast in their work. An exploration of the variables that make up the televisual as well as the shifting visual language present within the medium. Considerations include: Audience/ live audience involvement, studio set, framing the video, serials,and timing.

Part 1: Screening

Takeshi Murata, “Timewarp Experiment”  2007, TRT 2:37min, color, silent

Tom Rubnitz featuring Ann Magnuson, “Made for TV” 1984, TRT 15:58,  color, sound

Alex Bag “Fancy Pantz” 1997, TRT 9:13 min, color, sound

Erica Magrey “Come As You Are” 2016, TRT 6:17, color, sound

Jennifer Juniper Stratford “Future Crew” 2016, TRT 13:56 min, color, sound

Michael Robinson “Mad Ladders” 2015, TRT 9:45 min, color, sound

Part 2: Live Performances

Scott Kiernan with Xeno and Oaklander 

For their live collaboration for OPTICS O:O, Scott Kiernan and Xeno and Oaklander create a television shoot for the stage, extending from their recent video for "Marble" with new songs off their latest album Topiary. Roulette's stage becomes an abstracted TV studio complete with three camera crew and audible direction, in which production commands play word games with lyrical content, and roles and reflections become confused in a three channel video mix. For this performance, Roulette will transform into a live television studio environment. 

November 4: Encoder/ Decoder

Exploring creative and systematic investigation of the signal as medium. Through works in both sound and vision, the program focuses on the use of algorithm, sonic to visual translation, and rule-based structures. A program of live performances place process foremost in the compositions.

Part 1: Screening

Damon Zucconi, Laurel Schwulst, Sydney Shen “Serpentine + Tam Dao” 2016, TRT 1:00 on loop rotation, color, sound

LoVid “Untitled” 2016, TRT 9:35min, color, sound

Victoria Keddie, “Headbanger (Lines)” 2015, TRT 10:48 min excerpt, color, sound

Part 2: Live Performances

Rose Kallal, Kenneth Zoran Curwood, Ben Vida and Jeff DeGolier, Data Garden with Camilla Padgitt- Coles and Joe Shapiro