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Exhibition Performance

Arizona State University, Art Museum, Phoenix

Unfixed: New Painting

February 7 – May 30, 2015

Live Event: Februrary 20th

 The artists in the exhibition unfix historic notions of what a painting should be. Their works are hybrids of old and new, familiar and surprising media and processes. Through this mix the artists find new ways to make, think about and view painting. The results range from abstractions derived from street and popular culture to computer-generated algorithms printed on canvas. Somehow, they are paintings while also beyond painting. In the spirit of the hybrid, Scott Kiernan and Victoria Keddie bring E.S.P.TV into the exhibition to interact in a multi dimensional platform. Using process to create a unique viewing experience. 

Paintings by: Jeff Elrod, Elad Lassry, Daniel Lefcourt, Eddie Peake, Hugh Scott Douglas, Avery Singer, Josh Smith, Brad Troemel. 

Video works by: Sabrina Ratté, Jeremy Couillard, Jeremy Rotzstein, Peter Burr 

Performances by: Adriene Jenik, Rachel Bowditch, Body of Light, Angela Ellsworth. 

This exhibition was made possible by generous loans and support of the Ovitz Family Collection, Los Angeles. Additional support from the Helme Prinzen Endowment.